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We do the legwork to find the right flat, house or apartment for you!

Open House Lancashire’s Letting Agents take the hassle out of renting and make your property search as quick and smooth as possible. We at Open House Lancashire recognise that your time has immense value and thus our letting agents are prompt in delivering solutions.

Open House Lancashire is proud to introduce its “Find it Fast” service! You can now use Open House Lancashire’s national property database to seach online and register your details to get new properties sent direct by text and email.

Alternatively, you can always call or email our Letting Agents to do the search for you and find the best fit!

Grab your hands at the best fit house, apartment or building for yourself or your family in minimum time possible. Our professional letting agents can help you find the most suited rental property within minimum time possible. 

Open House Lancashire is driven with the  passion to offer the best shelter, as shelter is the first priority of life and finding one that best fits the needs shall reduce your stress. 

So call us or mail us, we shall be more than proud to serve you!

Open House Renting

Open House Lancashire is the most trusrted real estate company in Lancashire that offers transparent real estate deals. Our extensive network of trusted and passionate real estate agents allow us to keep an eye on all sorts of properties that are being sold and are on rents. Thus, when you reach out to us to buy a property in Lancashire, a home in Burnley or rent a house in Preston, we can analyze your demands and needs and give you the best fit. 

Burnley, a city of Colors!

Renting a property in Burnley is a dream for many. No doubt, this town is full colors. 

Burnley offers a unique blend of urban grit and scenic beauty. Nestled against the backdrop of the Pennine moors, it boasts breathtaking hiking trails for the outdoor enthusiast. The town itself bustles with history and culture, with award-winning markets and intriguing museums. While the city offers a friendly, close-knit vibe, the proximity to Manchester allows for easy access to big-city excitement. Whether you crave a historical adventure, a taste of local charm, or a glimpse of the moors, Burnley promises a fulfilling and surprisingly affordable place to call home.

 Lancashire, a dream place!

Lancashire beckons with a rich tapestry of life: affordability, charming towns nestled beside bustling cities, and breathtaking scenery from the rolling hills of the Ribble Valley to the sandy beaches of the Fylde Coast. History buffs can delve into Roman ruins or the Industrial Revolution’s legacy, while friendly communities and a delicious food scene, from fresh seafood to hearty pub fare, ensure a warm welcome!

A glmipse of life in Preston

Preston in Lancashire offers a vibrant mix of old and new. Bustling markets overflow with fresh produce and local crafts, while the historic Guild Hall, a stunning example of Victorian architecture, stands as a testament to the city’s rich past. Cobbled streets lead to modern shopping centers, and trendy cafes share space with traditional pubs, offering a taste of both modern life and classic British charm. The nearby Ribble Valley with its rolling hills and idyllic villages provides a quick escape to nature, while the city itself hums with a friendly energy, making Preston a lively and welcoming place to call home.

Explore more Rental Properties with Lancashire

Open House Lancashire offers various options for rental preoperties. If you are thinking of renting a property, then if your location falls among the cities listed below, feel free to contact us to get the best deal!
  • Accrington 
  • Blackburm 
  • Burnley 
  • Preston 
  • Penwortham 
  • Fulwood 
  • Garstang

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